Social Worker

Our social worker is positioned to achieve our aim to incubate the growth and development of the moral, motivation for learning, personal and social skills and mental health of our children. Supporting and coaching services are provided where appropriate, as the following:

1. Children oriented
Coaching groups of different themes would be organized and individual needs would also be catered for discreetly.

2. Family oriented
We advocate family is part of the education process and for this parents would need specific skills to compliment with our efforts; through social worker, we impress parents of the skills required. Consultation/ counselling service would be provided for family where appropriate.

Group Activity: Puppet Show Social Learning
Through role-play in puppet shows, children would participate in communication using verbal languages and body language and hence build up their confidence in social interactions.

Group Activity: Parents Experience Sharing
Social worker would facilitate the sharing among parents of experience in upbringing of offspring in a relax setting, sharing snacks as well. The latest theme will be 6A Moral Education: Caring, acceptance, appreciation, time, responsibility and authority.