School Vision and Mission

The School inherits the spirit of “The Endeavourers” in serving the society and its vision and mission is to educate without boundaries and without limit; and aims to build a place for children-focused education, empowering children for developing self-initiated learning.

The School upholds the positive attitudes of love, respect, gratefulness and empathy as foundation of humanity and instituting love as the guiding force of education, building the respect for the harmony between the nature and mankind, and nurturing the children’s right side of personalities and characters.

The School holds strong belief that every child has his/her own potential to be fully explored, other than undergoing curriculum for comprehensive learning, special supplementary activities are designed to strengthen the children’s brain functions to reach the objectives of self-initiative, self-discipline and self-help.

The School encourages the reading culture and consider it as children’s solid foundation in languages, key for continuing learning and open up of endless boundaries of knowledge.

The School flourishes a vigorous and literature-rich culture for thriving children’s learning motivation and mobilize teaching-staff’s motives.