Cognitive Development

Holistic development is achieved by core curriculum supplemented by special designed programs and facilities.

What are JELIC?

JELIC is the abbreviations for:

Judgment Quotient (JQ)

Emotion Quotient (EQ)

Logic Quotient (LQ)

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Creativity Quotient (CQ)

JELIC Multi-talents Program.JELIC program is designed by early childhood educators, mathematics educators and psychologists, incorporating the theories of Montessori, Gardner and Piaget. The program is widely spreaded in America, mainland China/Taiwan, Singapore, etc.

About JELIC Program

JELIC program emphasizes the self-learning, the system contains 450 boxes for over 3,000 games for the six categories of learning: Intelligent inspiration, mathematical deduction, life skills, language expression, aesthetic creation and combined thinking.

Why are JELIC Program special?

1. Active participation

Age 0-6 is the golden age for cognitive development, brain-hand coordination and left-right brains communication is particularly important at this stage.  JELIC program facilitate such developments.

2. Self-learning

The program activate the self-initiative mentality of children. Under the program, teachers will serve as observers and would guide and assist if necessary.


3. Indepth thinking and creativity

The JELIC program boxes would give surprises to children and motivate them to dig out solutions, simultaneously developing their multi-layer thinking and creativity.


4. Sense of order and respect the others

The JELIC program activities are conducted in a tailor-made room for concentrated learning.  The sequence the children have to go through would train their self-management.


5. JELIC Program

Because of the expensive investment in installing the JELIC program (propriety fees, space, training; costing over $100,000), this JELIC program is operated by limited number of kindergartens in Hong Kong.  We are proud to be one of about ten centres in Hong Kong providing JELIC program.

Board Games

Board games such as German chests are challenging games provided for our children for logical thinking and social encounters.

Food-Farm Education

We operate a children’s kitchen and through this facility, children undergo food-farm education, and learn the basic of food production and gradually, more about food culture and other aspects, such as the natural science.

Discovery of Abilities

We undertake a campaign of discovery of abilities, whereby children are challenged and develop their problem solving skills, observation skills, memory, expressions, logical thinking and creativity.