Media interview: Words from the Principal

Media interview: Words from the Principal

Our Principal has been interviewed by the Parents Daily, sharing her expertise on the “Picture Book Approach”.

Hang the drawing paper in midair for children to draw. The teacher created a board game to play with children. And through the picture book story conceived various teaching activities, so that children are like being in the world of picture books, the teacher and the children also have a pleasant learning and teaching process, and truly achieve the same teaching!

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【#校長有話兒】#勵志會陳鄭潔雲幼稚園黃玉卿校長專訪將畫紙懸掛半空俾小朋友繪畫。老師自創board game俾小朋友投入地玩。#勵志會陳鄭潔雲幼稚園 採用繪本教學,並透過繪本故事構思出各樣教學活動,令小朋友猶如置身繪本世界,老師同小朋友亦獲得愉快的學與教過程,真正達到教學相長! #黃玉卿校長 #繪本故事 #繪本 #繪本教學

Parents Daily 发布于 2019年4月1日周一